Kevin Murphy



Kevin Murphy’s renowned range of hair products are dubbed ‘skincare for your hair’. We have chosen Kevin Murphy products for a few reasons (other than the fact that they are great products). We couldn't create the looks that we give our clientele without the support of Kevin's great products.


We also love being a part of what he's about - sustainability, not testing on animals and using Australian native ingredients where he can. Check out to see Kevin's detail for design, his forward approach to hair and how it benefits hairdressers & our clients.

You'll see why we have had Kevin Murphy in Scout or 10 years & have no intention of getting rid of it any time soon.


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Revlon Professional



Revlon Professional is the sister company that most consumers see in the chemist and supermarkets. But don't get them confused - Revlon Professional is the number one colour system used in Europe and is slowly taking over the world with a great team producing products of the highest of quality - so that your hair stays healthy & holds the colour longer without fade. We have seen it with our own eyes on our clients and the results are evident.





Over the last 15 years, Matt has been involved with different projects and one of his favourite has been being an educator for American Crew. American Crew is the number one men's haircare range in the world, so when it came time to choose a product to look after his male clients he had no hesitation in stocking American Crew in Scout ASAP.





Eleven is our newest product partner. We are just in love with this young, honest, fun, colourful & energy behind Eleven. It's a new Australian brand being helped by Melbourne hair superstar, Joey Scandizzo, who as hairdresser, session stylist & salon owner, saw a gap in the market. He wanted to bring forward a range of “hair products & quality haircare for everyone, without the excessive price tag”. We felt exactly the same - we love it and it's definitely proven popular with our clients. The feedback has been great just like Joey wanted. Our Clients think it’s simple, makes sense & does what its said it does.







Olaplex is a product that helps us make the hair healthier that in was before a colour service.

Olaplex started by finding two of the world's leading PHD’s in minerals & chemistry that had never worked with hair before. Watch what it does here

With a fresh outlook, this dream team invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils that links broken bonds in the hair during & after chemical services, making them stronger than they were before. It's a Bond Multiplier that dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leaves hair feeling amazing! Olaplex does not interfere with colour processing. It works independently to reform broken bonds that are not reforming properly with peroxide.







Nicole’s favourites
give softness, body & treatment “ALL IN ONE” =
get root lift with a modern look =
healthy, full, soft hair =
support & texture =

Matt’s favourites
great texture =
soft curls =
protection & softness =
light hold =
short textured look =

Sae’s favourites
protection & control =
softness & natural body =
soft hold & control =

Blus favourites
softness & protection from the sun =
id=3 shine & glitz =