The Truth





Truth about Hair Products

We believe that you generally pay for what you get. The products we stock have been proven & tested by the industry, us personally & our clients. We have found them to be true to their claims whether it be styling products, shampoos, conditioners or treatments. Although there are always  exceptions to the rules & there is not one product designed for everyone.

So if unsure ask your hairdresser and let them know your biggest hair problems & I'm sure that 99% of what you share with them should be able to be sorted out through the right products for each individuals needs.


Years  ago, when Matt was working in a busy salon, the owner gave us an ultimatum. She said that we can only use a product & or styling tool on our clients if we had educated our clients on what we were using and why. All of a sudden clients were feeling more confident that when they went home they would have more knowledge than before & would have a higher success rate with their hair, resulting in happy clients (with great hair).



Covering Grey Hair

Grey hair is most people's enemy - there is no cure & only two options. Work with it, or cover it! REVLON PROFESSIONAL has you covered either way, a great product that leaves the hair in better health than before the colour service.


With the right take home haircare, shampoo & conditioner the colour should stay vibrant, glossy & strong for 4-6 weeks.



Repairing Hair

Hair cannot always be saved, it may need to be cut! But getting “THE RIGHT” product is key. I have heard too many times that people have spent 100’s of dollars trying to save their hair using high quality products & getting little or no result.


If you give a painter the most expensive paintbrush ever designed it won't necessarily make them paint any better. 


Sometimes you may not need the most expensive product on the market, you just need the right product to fix your unique problem. Ask your hairdresser what would they recommend.



Environmentally Damaged Hair

The sun, the wind, the heat, the cold, the ocean all leave their mark on our hair. Unlike your skin, your hair does not renew itself. That's why as hairdressers we are so passionate about the health of your hair. When you think about everything you put your hair though, from blowdrying, sundamage, salt water, chlorine from pools, ironing, brushing, braiding & tying up with elastics. All these things by themselves cause some sort of damage to different elements of the hair. Once you start to add two, three or four of those things you'll start to see damage fast.